of the game

Football is a passion

a lifelong journey of power, pleasure, pain. the players start at six years old. But they are not alone. meet the people that live every hit, heartbreak & victory. Their voices - here

The men, women, friends and families of the sport of football. The game, through their eyes, with their voices.  



THE people that love the sport

their voices, stories - here

Bubba Hense owner of the defending champs, West Valley Head Hunters says "We are taking it again."

Meet the Defensive Coordinator for the Scottsdale Crusaders. Garrett Norris

Meet Chris Siino, click on the image to hear his story

National Champions Tucson Desert Demons HC Courtney Gambrell AzFL Arizona Football League

The Demons Head Coach led them to a National Title on a Saturday in December. He spends Sundays chasing the Devil as a Church Worship Leader. Click photo on right or watch here

Listen LIVE each Saturday to AzFL games on the Radio KXEG 1280. To get your listen online links and Android and Apple Apps go HERE

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