WSFL Week one featured a huge game between #ICCAC #6 Iowa Western Reivers and #12 Arizona Western Matadors in Colorado. Ranks should be flipped now. In AZ two teams that struggled in 2015 met and yes, both improved. Between the two, Glendale improved more than Phoenix. Eastern AZ and Snow both played tune up games. It is likely their players learned little, but the stats still count. Mesa had a bye. read more….

The WSFL Western States Football League is home to some of the best JUCO, Junior College football teams in America. Part of the NJCAA these squads compete for the right to play in or host a National title on a regular basis. In Arizona we have the Glendale Gauchos, Scottsdale Artichokes, Mesa Thunderbirds, Phoenix College Bears, Tucson Pima Aztecs, Thatcher Eastern AZ College Gila Monsters, Yuma AZ Western Matadors plus in Ephraim Utah the always tough Snow Badgers. We have been covering JUCO since 1994. Stories, photos courtesy of Sports & Entertainment News and Arizona Sports Network Radio ASPN. Be sure to check out our CFB College Football page for ACU, ASU, NAU, UA news. .  

WSFL Week 2 Pima Aztecs get a win in their first game while Snow Badgers lure Tucson Tech to Utah only to blow them to smithereens.. Yep, they did. See the results for late games on our schedule page. You will find the watch and listen links there as well. AWC sent Everett back to Washington in body bags. The Gauchos dined on salad, EAC, hmmm, they were Monsters. And PHX Bears.... Boom, got the WIN! WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN. Sorry Thunderbirds you have to take the 16 hour bus ride home.  PC PC PC. Watch out, been telling you since last year..

Defensive NJCAA POW DeAnte Manlove

Week 3 WSFL: Big games on Saturday and the good news all will be available online, go to our schedule page for the links. First, congrats to the Gauchos SS DeAnte Manlove selected as NJCAA Defensive Player of the Week.Top match up is #18 Glendale Gauchos hosting #2 Snow Badgers. Both are 2-0. The Phoenix College Bears travel to Scottsdale to play the Artichokes. PHX is looking for win number 3 while SCC is 0-1 and looking to #Choke someone. Mesa Thunderbirds take on visiting #16 Eastern AZ, a lot of coaching ties from both staff's. Much Love that ends on kick off. In Yuma the #5 Matadors host the Tucson Pima Aztecs, this one will be very close or a blowout. 

Week 3 WSFL: #18 Glendale Gauchos fell to #2 Snow Badgers in a game that came down to a Badger big play. GCC looked like a championship team. The Phoenix College Bears spit out their veggies in a win over the Scottsdale Artichokes at SCC. PHX got win number three.. Mesa Thunderbirds knocked the # sign off their ranking and likely sent  #16 Eastern AZ.out of the Polls. In Yuma the #5 Matadors treated the Tucson Pima Aztecs to a meal of goose egg washed down with dust. For the scores see our schedule page. . 

2016 Phoenix College Bears 3-1

Posted Sept. 8, 2016 5:00pm

Week 3 WSFL: The Bears have been the team everyone in the WSFL would like to play twice each season. Why? Until now the team has not won since 2012. Saturday they won a big game in Scottsdale against the Artichokes a team that is used to winning in the regular and in the post season. We will talk some PHX football in this week three article...


Week 3 WSFL: Damon Sheehy picked up national honors with a kick off return for a touchdown on Saturday. Did some nice work at receiver as well. Read about it here...

Mesa CC QB Rathen Ricedorff POW

Week 4 WSFL: Rathen Ricedorff picked up WSFL Offensive Player of the Week honors and led his team to victory over the #1 Snow Badgers in Utah. Read about it here...

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