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Players have gone to college from AzFL


Is the average age of the players


4 Universities & 7 Junior Colleges  that play football


Year of play for AzFL in 2017

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We work hard to provide a safe, fun, exciting place for players, coaches and their families. The staff, officials and facilities and  team up to give everyone an experience worth having. Players come from communities all over Arizona to pad up and share the brotherhood of the sport. It is also a working man's league so there are rules in place to give the players an extra level of protection.


What makes it all work are the amazing team owners, players and coaches. The season is January through May. Game days are captured with thousands of action photos, video and team photos. All of which are placed online for the local teams to view and download for free. But their friends, families, former coaches can also get copies. Be sure to visit all the pages. It will be the best year ever. For a fast connection to photo, video links, go HERE!



This is Club, Amateur 11 man football. A league built for the players that ran out of time but still had "game in their hearts" when their high school and college careers ended. There are players from 18 to 50 on the fields. They all share one thing. The love of hitting. If you are wanting to stay on film, be scouted or simply want to be a part of this great sport. This is the your league, get your pads, find a team and lets go.


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Since we began the AzFL has been seen on cable TV, partnered with a statewide weekly in season newspaper and from 2008 thru early 2016 we have broadcast games live on the radio.


Check out the National Champion, Tucson Demons, meet their coach watch the video here


We play January through May. We are Club, Amateur 11 man tackle for players 18 and older.  



Call us: 623-939-4877


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