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"Football is not who we are, it's what we do." Hank Stram Head Coach Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champions 1970 


Life is bigger than our favorite sport. Football is a big deal to players, coaches, families. The passion for the game is life long. Here, at the working man's level of this sport, it is a welcome distraction from work, school, duties.


For the younger players, a chance to keep their hopes of college alive, maybe higher goals. For the players that are living life full time, it is a chance to enjoy a sport that captured their hearts and minds. 


Sometimes things in life take a tragic turn. In many cases life is, difficult, for a moment for the men and women in our lives, our communities.


It is our hope that in a time of loss or need, someone will be there to encourage, remember, cherish, help. 


We are so proud of the men, women and children that are part of the AzFL family. Since we began in 1995 we have watched as time after time they have opened their hearts and wallets to offer, food, comfort, toys, time in these situations. 


The events page is a way to remind ourselves that there is always a need to be available to others.It is there to encourage each other to continue to serve, give, share when they can. Also to showcase their examples through photos, video and audio. 


A gentle, thankful reminder that what we do in football, can change lives if we do it because of "who we are."


Events, as the websites, pages, photos, videos become available we will add the links here.


NFL Play 60 - Volunteering to run events, coach and mentor kids.

NFL Visa Commercial - over 20 AzFL members were in national TV ad.

All American Headquarters - Showcase game for national title.

Toy Drives

Food Drives 

Backpack School Events

International Football Games - Mexico UAT 1997.

Charity Games

Memorial Games - For players lost in and out of the AzFL .

Coaching Videos - With top Power 5 and NFL Coaches.

Inter-State Games - Pre and Post Season with multiple states.

College Football Games - Young Guns Developmental games.  

Junior College Games - Past with AWC, PC, EAC, SCC, GCC, MCC.

School Visits, Mentoring.

Youth Flag Football & Feed the Kids Events.

Charity game vs NPSFL Champs Public Safety, Police, Fire. 

AzFL event & charity games


AAHQ All American HQ Club Invitational National and Regional Championships

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2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

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