The University of Arizona Wildcats Football team has had great success. With a record setting Head Coach Rich Rodriquez entering his fifth season. 

2016 Game 1: UA 16 BYU 18 - DC Marcel Yates

Posted Sept. 4, 2016 8:00am

UA Wildcats 9/3/16 Kick Off Classic UPIG  Game 1: BYU Cougars 18 UA Wildcats 16

Story, photos by Kevin Pakos for Sports & Entertainment News: ASPN Radio


I’m a Yater!

New Defensive Coordinator Marcel Yates Sets High Standard


The Wildcats defense has been going through changes since the 2015 season. New players on campus, new coaches and old players being moved around. For a DC to step into a new environment, win the hearts and minds of the squad, is difficult task. Marcel Yates found his level immediately with his staff and men.


Saturday, September 3 at a neutral site in Glendale, AZ at the NFL Cardinals Stadium, in front of mostly BYU Cougars fans his defense played an amazing game. They held the Cougars to 18 points. In most college football games that is going to produce a win. The Cats did it with the odds against them. The UA offense could not stay on the field long enough to help out the defense. Total offensive plays, BYU ran 76 and UA ran only 56.


They were further damaged by the two interceptions thrown by the Cats offense. Time of possession for BYU 37:37, UA 22:23. The Cougars also scored after a turnover. If something could go wrong for the Wildcats, it did, making the job that much more difficult for Coach Yates and his staff.  In the end the defense only allowed one scrimmage play of more than 20 yards. That was on a Williams 36 yard run.


One would have to choose to be upset with the Yates report from this game. I was impressed with how he, his staff and his players responded to the challenges all game long. First game at the helm for the Cats and DC Marcel Yates gets high marks and a new respect from me. So, today we start the new fan club for the Cats, The Yater’s Club. It is free to join, but will cost you if you doubt.


Notes: Coach Yates has been on the field at UPIG thrice before and had not lost. Now 3-1 Also, in 2015 the defense gave up 30 or more points all but three times. The teams held under 30, NAU, Nevada and Oregon State.  

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