Posted 10/16/16

Story, photos by Kevin Pakos for Sports & Entertainment NewsASPN Radio 


ACU Firestorm Steer Wrestling Sets Record in 57-7 Win


Team Celebrates With Post Game Meal, All You Can Eat BBQ Beef Ribs.


A 57-7 Conference win over the Texas Steer gives the Firestorm a 3-0 mark in CSFL play. The overall record for ACU is 4-2. Lessons learned in the 1-2 road heavy start are beginning to pay off. The defense is creating more opportunities for the offense. The offense is taking better advantage of them.


The hapless Steers were corralled early when the top cowpoke for the Firestorm Gerrit "2 gun" Groenewold lit them suckers up for five first half TD's, three dead shots through the air and he galloped for two more. After that he dusted off his chaps, set his hat on the bench and stepped aside so his wrangler Ryan Esslinger could lead the second half raid and add a few more shots of his own.


It was a good day at high noon on the field at Shadow Mountain high school, home of the Matadors on Friday and the Firestorm on Saturday. Clearly the coaches told the boys to come hungry, or hangry. That they did on both sides of the ball. 


Looky here now, the gist of the day was like this. The "O" (That means offense for you city slickers) Total yards ACU 447 for them 171. Rushing yards ACU 231 for them 2. Yep 2 yards. Passing yards ACU 216, them 169. Interceptions thrown, ACU 1 TU 2. Sacks ACU 5 TU 1. (not a total loss for the Steer, they can say they were #1 for something) In a nutshell, the game was over by the end of the first quarter. 


To help SMHS keep their field fresh longer the Firestorm only used their half of it for most of the game.


Some names and numbers for your wanted posters:


Rushing Damario Fair 50y, Kory Dyer 40y, Quinta Thomas 32y, Ryan Esslinger 22y, Gerrit Groenewold 21y 2TD, Justin Carroll 18y, Alan Freeman 18y,


Receiving Jonathan Parks 4 59y 2TD, Donavon Smith 3 35y, Streeter Turner 2 33y TD, Jamal Williams 2 17y, Justin Carroll 1 17y TD, Mark Wood 1 14y TD.



Derek Brush EP 7/7 7 points



Kori Hurd 7 T, 1.5 sack 4 TFL, Tim Clayton 5 T, 1 TFL, Robert Harding 5 T .5 TFL, Travon Richardson 4 T 1 TFL, Bryton Green 4 T 1.5 Sack 2 TFL, Marty Henderson 4 T 1 sack 1.5 TFL, Ricky Bradley 4 T 1 FF ret 25y,Austin Schleier FF, Cris Gutierrez 1 TFL, Gary Stevenson 1 INT 30y return, Miko Kennedy-Gpff 1 TFL, Justin Barnes 1 INT, Bobby Ealim 1 sack/TFL, Austin Niziolelk 1 TFL, 


Well, gotta go get ready for the next rodeo. Check below to see who your Firestorm plays next. Yipeee Ki Yay football fans. (That means we had an awesome day and see you later cow persons) 


Next up is another road trip, this time to Batesville, Arkansas to challenge the Lyon Scots 3-4 2-1 at 4pm AZ Time. To get the watch and listen links and scores head over to our CFB Website You can also get live game scoring updates on Twitter @aspnradiocom as well as on Facebook we have been bringing the news of ACU Firestorm football since they began.


The live listen and watch links can be found on our College Football Schedule page.


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