Get back into the Brotherhood of Football. If you are a young player that hopes to get a shot at college or beyond, then this is the place for you! If you played college and just need to be in pads, to hit someone. Then you are in the right spot. Our season is January-May, since 1995.


Benefits of the AzFL:


A full season of smash-mouth football in a highly-organized, competitive league on teams with qualified owners!


Access to video of every game, regular season and playoffs. Video is processed for online viewing those games will be available for 2 weeks online – FREE


Team photos posted online for limited time for unlimited downloads – FREE


Action photos* posted online during season for unlimited downloads -FREE


The value of the photos and videos alone can be over $200!


*The photos are sized/resampled for easy access and download. Full resolution images and other photo products are available for purchase. Videos are available for download, once posted and available at no charge for 2 weeks.

Things you need to know

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az Football league

This is a Club, recreational, amateur league. The games are structured, officiated and highly competitive, the amateur status allows young athletes to maintain college eligibility!


Age requirements, at least 18. If you are still in high school, GRADUATE, then play. You cannot redo your high school experience.


Teams practice one to two times a week and play games on Saturdays. There are teams around the state. So teams have the opportunity to experience travel games once or more during the season.


When teams play in the Phoenix area, they are part of a set of back to back games that are two and a half hours apart. They will all be at the same location, on the same day. This provides team owners, players and coaches the opportunity to scout, build relationships and unite in a way that is completely unique in football.


All games are recorded with lots of action photos taken as well. The season schedule is usually posted in January each year. For planning purposes, until the schedule is online, keep your Saturdays free for football.


Each team has a full set of regular season games. In pre-season there are a series of controlled scrimmages here in the Valley and in Southern Arizona. Playoffs at the end of the regular season.


As a player you will need to provide your own helmet and pads and practice gear. Most teams have uniforms they hand out and pick up on game day. Some teams have you purchase parts or complete sets of uniforms and you keep them.  All uniforms have to match once the regular season begins, including, helmets, face masks, decals, jerseys and pants.


To find out more about the teams, call 623-939-4877. If you have already found the team you want to play for then click the link below and make it official.


The cost to register and play in the AzFL is 150.00 In addition, Each team has their own fee which they use to pay for operations. When you call, you will get all your questions answered. 


If your are ready to play, then CALL Dana at 623-939-4877 and she will take your payment over the phone and get you connected with teams.


Or go directly to our online registration form, fill it out, submit and pay online via Paypal. Games will begin in February and players can join once the season has begun.


It is your responsibility to make sure you are going to be eligible for college. Be sure and get your facts from the source at the NCAA by using this link,



All players from any league are welcome. 


Do you need Helmets or Pads? Check with Sunvalco, they have a Tempe 480-968-0800 and Phoenix 602-269-7833 location.




Call for info 623-939-4877.



Call us: 623-939-4877


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