In 1997 the Arizona Football League took it's team of just over 20 players to the City of Victoria, Mexico to play the University of Tamaulipis, the Roadrunners. We arrived to find that UAT had combined three Universities into one team. There are some amazing stories that stem from the game, the trip into Mexico by bus and the return trip. On that leg of the journey our bus driver missed the airport turn off. Yep, that was fun.


We will add more details in the days to come. Plus photos and videos. Family traveled with us on this trip. The game was set up by the Head Coach Ercel Lewis, he was also Pastor of the largest church in the area and a local Arizona Sports Ministry. Kevin Pakos was the Head Coach for the AzFL. Player coaches were Gerry Turley, Dan Austin, KC Cole and Chad Martin. Enjoy as we continue to expand the items on this page. Be sure to check back. If you have stories from the game, send them to us at To save the largest sized photos, click on them and save to your computer. 

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