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for players 18 and older

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The Arizona Football League was established in the Fall of 1994. The first games were played starting in January of 1995. It was started because we knew that each year only three per cent of football playing high school graduates would go on to college. The rest, retirement from a sport they had been involved with since the first grade. 


Football is also the only major sport that did not offer any playing opportunities between high school and college. Nearly every other men's or women's sport had an organized place to continue, be picked up for college or to be seen by pro scouts. The other sports have regional and national leagues where talent evaluators would watch them play. 


From Legion baseball to the basketball congress, olympic sports has the AAU. Many are the choices for high school grads to stay in their sport, stay on film, stay in competition and progress to their goals.


Soccer, tennis, golf, water polo, wrestling, track and more. The kids would just keep going. 


The problem for many football players is that there were so few spots at any level of the game in college. The issue was the kids played and did well in high school. They often played in school as undersized and did not fit the recruiters specs for signing.


They needed a few more years to grow into their bodies, become stronger and develop. The problem was and still is, they could not afford to miss a season. They needed to keep playing, stay on film and have proof of their abilities. 


Things you cannot get from combines, trainers, testing. The scouts need to see them play, now, as recently as possible. Proof that they have grown, are coachable and willing to do the football work.


Since we began the AzFL has been seen on cable TV, partnered with a statewide weekly in season newspaper. From 2008 to early in 2016 we broadcast games live on the radio.


We also arrange for our teams to play at many levels. Local, Regional, National. We partnered with the All American Headquarters Club Invitational to play other states each December. You can learn more about this at AAHQ1 Be sure to check out the 2015 National Champions, Tucson Desert Demons. You can find the video here


Enjoy the video below featuring some of our young players. These men are planning on playing in college and beyond. 

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